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Johnson County Soccer Association, Buffalo WY

Welcome to the home of Johnson County Soccer—where a tradition in soccer has been founded with over 38 years of experience!

JCSA was founded in 1978 and created its first competitive program of soccer---the Buffalo Blast. While Blast has given our players the competitive edge to play, we found that the families of Johnson County wanted a transitional step prior to Blast, to further develop players and prepare them to play competitively. In 2011, Buffalo Breeze was born to fit that need. Now, JCSA proudly offers our families two programs of soccer: Buffalo Breeze for players aged 4-12 and Buffalo Blast for players aged 7-19.

Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Johnson County Soccer Association is to provide an organized, recreational and competitive program of soccer for the youth of Johnson County.

We Believe….

    • JCSA soccer programs are for the enjoyment of becoming a total soccer player. This is done through a challenging form of conditioning, mastering basic skills, learning to become an effective member of a team, and learning creative, critical thinking while on a soccer field.
    • Soccer will make a positive difference for all players, each player will make a commitment to soccer, devote the necessary time to become a player who is fundamentally skilled, conditioned, and confident.
    •  Since athletes learn in different manners, and at different paces, coaches will use a variety of approaches, materials, and enrichment in order for learning to take place.
    • The Blast Soccer Program is a competitive program. Although we do not have tryouts, or cut players, we do compete with “All Star” teams from other communities. Blast coaches will strive to be fair with all players, allowing ample practice and playing time to ensure the players’ enjoyment and development as well as their own. Each game will have different situations and challenges. Coaches will try throughout the season to balance the playing time for each player. It is important to play players in correct situations to ensure positive self esteem.


Spring Registration Closed 

 Blast Practice Starts  
March 25, 2024

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Soccer Camp
Challenger Sports CORE
July 22 - 26, 2024
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Expires 30 Days 
Prior to Camp


Spring Registration Closed

April 16 - May 23, 2024

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